Windows 7 RC

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Well I had already reviewed windows 7 Beta…… but there are quite a few differences and more over some students wanted a guide for installing windows 7 and using it to the full potential….

So here is a detailed intro…

The UI of Windows 7 is lot like vista with some minor differences


This is called the Super bar…(no more the task bar)..You can permanently “PIN” some programs to it for quick use.Any program you open also gets a place in the super bar like the previous version of windows.Each program irrespective of the number of open windows it has gets grouped under the same heading.

This is called AERO PEEK



The open windows are highlighted and hovering the mouse produces a small thumbnail type preview.

Also the ALT+TAB works as in XP except that it now shows a preview in the background(This is included in the RC…win 7 beta did not have this feature)
Then there are JUMP LISTS,If we pin a program to the task bar we can access its jump lists by right clicking on it.


The Jump list for MS-Word includes the recent documents.Please note that I have not opened MS-Word,It is only pinned to the task bar.


A lot can be done by just shaking…..

Windows can be maximized by just selecting the desired application and shaking it….That application assumes priority while all other applications get minimized….

Then the windows can be docked simply by dragging the window to the sides of the screen…


AERO SNAP in action…..

We all know the SEND To feature in windows….

Just press down “Shift” while selecting a file and then select “ Send To”…You will be amazed by the large no. of options it provides…

More over some new features….

Word pad can open docx files…amazed?? yup..its true..though it shows a warning… so even if you do not have Office 2007 can open DOCX files….

Windows finally has learned to burn ISO disc images a feature very much missed in the previous versions of windows…..

I am not going over the Library details which I have already explained in my previous posts….


Minimum Requirements
• 1GHz processor
• 16GB open on hard drive
• 128MB graphics memory with DirectX 9 support (optional, to run Aero)

Download a Copy
Windows 7 available from Microsoft until February 10th here:
32-Bit Windows 7 (use if you have less than 4GB of RAM)
64-Bit Windows 7 (use if you have 4GB of RAM or more)

Get a Product Key
You get a product key when you sign up to download the beta,



Reasons to migrate to RC

  1. First and foremost for people like me who use dual boot,win 7 eta was a problem as it would not assign any drive letter to my Windows XP C: drive….Things are better in RC…it gets a different drive letter though….
  2. Better aero peek and better thumbnail preview.
  3. The Control Panel Jump List now offers a quick access to recently used control panel items.Unlike in beta, the parent folder’s button will appear in the address bar at all times and therefore going ‘up’ will always be a single click away in a predictable location in RC.In Beta, a parent folder would collapse into an overflow dropdown..So the parent folder can be accesses in a single click.

  4. RC is much faster ,more stable and reliable than Beta……