Professional Details

    • Currently a Systems Engineer at Infosys Labs,the product research division of Infosys Limited.I am working on a next generation product platform that leverages Location data.My work involves  development of cross platform hybrid mobile Applications .I dabble with web technologies like HTML 5,Jquery ,CSS 3 etc,
    • Completed my summer Internship from Tata Consultancy Services, Kolkata. I worked as a trainee at Innovation Labs, the research wing of TCS. My project was
      • Electronic Program Guide for Radio Frequency cable feed: developed a solution for template matching of a video feed with an offline template using PCA and correlation. Further enhanced that for automatic logo detection and template creation.
  • Completed Summer Training at Reliance ADA (IMSG Division).The following projects was under taken under the guidance of the Project Guide.
    • Developed Vendor Tracking Call Portal Using , Microsoft SQL Server 2000 was used as the RDBMS. The vendor tracking portal implements login and shows the data using an AJAX data-Grid
    • Developed Server Health Analysis Tool (SeHAT) which required the use of legacy (VB) code and managed code(C#).
  • Successfully completed a project on a College Inventory Control System
    • Front End: Visual Basic 6.
    • Back End: Microsoft Access
  • Completed a hobby project as a part of a 3 member team. The project uses Windows Phone 7 (.NET CF 3.7) as the platform. The application is called “Travel-Tweet” and utilizes the power of Twitter API, Google Weather API, and Microsoft Bing Maps API through Silverlight to give user a compelling User Interface that solves most of their travel problems. The application uses various features of the phone like GPS, Touch etc. The application is designed in Silverlight.
    • Successfully completed a short term training in autonomous robotics at The Advanced Robotics and Electronics Laboratory.


The views expressed in this blog are my own and does not represent the views of my employer Infosys Limited.



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