Asynchronous Programming Series

Here are the consolidated links to the various posts that I have written on Asynchronous Programming.

  1. Lambda Expressions and closures
  2. Lambda Expressions and closures Part 2
  3. What do we mean by Async and Parallel Programming and why do we need it.?
  4. Asynchronous programming doesn’t necessarily imply multithreading.
  5. Introduction to Tasks and Task Parallel Library
  6. Implementing Tasks Part 2
  7. Dealing with Shared Variables while using Task Parallel Library
  8. Asynchronous programming Deep Dive part 1
  9. Asynchronous programming Deep Dive part 2
  10. Different ways of waiting asynchronously
  11. Exception handling in Task Parallel Library

The posts are written from a beginners perspective right to advanced concepts .So the series starts with prerequisites of understanding the TPL i.e lambdas and closures. With the advent of Windows 8, TPL has added various features and also increased in importance.

Hope you find the tutorials useful.The code samples are available here


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