FeedBack for SmartMetroAlarm

Please provide feedback in the comments section below.I will personally reply to all your feedbacks even if you have not bough the app.

My email id is Feel free to mail me about any issues or app crashes. 🙂



4 responses to “FeedBack for SmartMetroAlarm

  1. Hello, thanks for the app, I tested it today. It is very simple and nicely done. Unfortunately, because it does not work in sleep mode, I have no use for it. I would not leave my tablet running all night, would prefer to just use a simple alarm instead.
    I also missed the ability to test the ringtones before I set them up. And maybe adding some more would not hurt either.
    Since I am very hard to wake up I am also looking for an app which gives me a task to confirm I am awake. It would be wonderful if you could add that in the future…
    I will not buy this app just now but will for sure check the future updates. 🙂

    • Windows 8 is built in such a way that your apps wont run in a sleep mode.This app however still runs when your lock screen is off.
      Regarding the second part…stay tuned for our next updates 🙂

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