Windows 8 Launch

Some of the key topics presented today are:

Microsoft will be launching 3 items today

1. Windows 8 Launch

2. Windows Store

3. Windows RT launch, windows 8 experience optimized for PC with arm processor

Session kicks off by talking about the development experience of Windows 8 , how they had collaborated with OEMS, customers various stake holders. The result is Windows 8 which has a Battery life improvement of 13 % less .Cold start time under 10 seconds, Memory usage optimized by 20%

Win 8 Preview had been beta tested for almost 1.24 billion hours of across the world, making it the most heavily tested OS ever. Starting 12 :00 Windows 8 and Windows 8 upgrades will be available .Upgrades starting as low 39$ 99 cents in US. Over 1000 certified Windows 8 PCs are slated to be launched .Every windows 8 runs Windows Store apps that will be open to 231 markets in 109 languages across the world.

Windows RT includes office 2013 which is said to be touch and stylus optimized , supports more than 400,000 devices and peripherals through it USB. This basically means that device that would be ready to plug and play through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB will also remain the same for win RT. Power efficient and touch optimized office apps. Windows RT does not run programs for windows 7.Windows RT can only run apps from Windows store. Windows RT can run the same peripherals that we are used to windows 7.All day battery and SkyDrive and Live services are built in.

Windows 7 PCs that have been upgraded to windows 8 have been demoed. A windows 7 PC when upgraded uses 33% less boot time and 43% less memory. Lenovo ThinkPad tablet 2 is being shown running windows 8 PRO, full featured enterprise level. Reacts to both stylus and touch.10 fingers touch supported.

Dell PC shown which flips out from pc to tablets.

One click install from windows store. Search functionality is embedded, searching across various apps through charms bar. Wikipedia app is demoed. How an user can search across both Wikipedia and apps from the same place without unnecessary clicks.

Dell XPS 10, Samsung ATIV tab advertised with 12 hours battery life.

Asus vivo tab runs windows RT comes with a detachable keyboard with doubles the battery to 18 hours. The key board actually has a battery pack which doubles the battery time. Pretty neat I must say!

Steve Balmer comes on stage .He speaks about how windows had been completely reimagined from the ground up.

Devices ranging from affordable to high end. Unified pen,stylus and keyboard and mouse all within a single OS. Talks about office optimized for touch and stylus. Bing apps built right in.Talks about the new ‘Always on Skype app’. XBOX music, XBOX Videos and XBOX games services built in.

He talks about entertainment features of Windows 8.Windows tablet serves as a second screen while watching movies through Xbox.It will be displaying relevant information pertaining to the movie.

Enterprise apps will be redesigned for windows 8.

Finishes off by saying the commercial opportunity of the windows Store as 670,000,000 Windows 7 pcs ready to be upgraded.400 million pcs forecasted to be sold annually.


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