India Pakistan Friendship…is it at all possible?


I had a very different opinion regarding this until few days back the word cup started.I used to think that basically Indian people and Pakistan people have the same culture and hence it makes sense for the country to be friends.I know there are ample reasons to hate Pakistan ,but still there was a possibility that someday we could achieve the so called “Friendship” .

So what was it that changed my opinion ?.It’s the Indian Pakistan Match during the world cup.The 5 or 7 days before the match ….I received hundreds of Hate messages about Pakistan and innumerable number of posts in which Pakistani people and cricketers has been called dogs and terrorists.I understand “Cricket”-ing emotions run high in the country,but that is no reason to insult another Cricket team or the common people of Pakistan.This emotions were not a result of Pakistan being just a Cricketing opponent.It was because of the long standing hatred towards Pakistanis.It was because of the cricketing event that the real emotions came out.

The Pakistani cricket team was abused in all possible ways by the Indians.They were called “Dogs” and branded as “terrorists”

Though IMHO ,it isn’t correct to “abhor” and “hate” Pakistanis for what their Government has been doing.But the post is not about my opinion about what Indians should be doing.It is about whether there is any hope that the two states can have any sort of positive relation.

Here ,I must point out that it wasn’t only India,Pakistan too was passing derogatory comments towards India.Similar to India ,they criticize Indian Government as well.There is nothing on being done (in either of the country) to ease the tension between the “common man”

Just to get the feel about what the general population is thinking ….. here are some of the responses.

I have asked one question “Is any sort of friendship or positive relations possible,not from the diplomatic point of view but  from the Common man’s point of view ?”

Priyanko Das,Age 22

I don’t think we will able to consider people from Pakistan the same way we consider people from Srilanka or Bangladesh.Though this may not be right,but the atrocities committed by Pakistan,has been the main hindrance.Another thing I must mention is the negativity that is being spread by the Media (On both sides of the border) and the surroundings.

Kaustav Mittra,Age 26

My personal opinion is “No” ,we can never be friends with Pakistan.Pakistan reminds us of the terrorism that has been crippling India for quite sometime.It has been a safe haven for terrorists including Osama Bin Laden.One could definitely say that the ways of the government does not reflect the mentality of people.But then again it is the people that choose the government,and in the end of the day we must admit they do “Hate” India .Pakistan has had their share of derogatory comments towards India too.

Like any Indian I also feel that “good relations” are not possible in the immediate future.But I really hope that someday this comes true ,for the best interests of both the countries.


4 responses to “India Pakistan Friendship…is it at all possible?

  1. I reached here from Indiblogger, and I must say you have a nice blog going on with a decent theme, keep it up.

    In the context of the post, I’d say its mostly a wishful thinking for something of that sort to materialize, but then, if you listen to Afridi’s comment about India just after he landed back home (Not the over-hyped one) when he slapped the media for creating the unnecessary rivalry.

    When people from India went there for some match or so, They were given a very warm welcome in the land and in the heart, If it would be that hard, not many girls from Hyd would have married Pakistani boys, including Sania Mirza.

    At some point of time, the grassroots level thinks differently, thinks compassionately. That’s where social sites and internet comes into play, when the media and Govt is bypassed and people have a dialog with someone from the other side of the border.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for a better future to come.

  2. stop sending terrorists to india in name of ‘jihad’… is true that pakistan army ever can’t beat india in an open war..thats why they are sending dogs like AJMAL KASAV..i personally don’t hate pakistan..but i hate yours foolish govt..

    • Agreed about the so called Jihadi terror. I was saying that a simple minded Civilian Indian like me or any Pakistani for that matter would any day want peace.

      Politics is a major culprit. As long as the topic remains hot everyone can continue baking their cakes on it…

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