The Two Contrasting Faces of India


deepika siddharth kissmoral-policing

Pictures speaks a thousand words.That is exactly the reason why I have started the post with two pictures.One depicts Siddharth Malya son of the liquor baron Vijay Malya kissing his girl friend Deepika Padukone in front of the entire stadium.The second depicts an act of moral policing where couples were being arrested for just sitting in the parks.

This is the face of Indian hypocrisy.People criticize “Public Display of Affection” but when the same is done by a business Magnate no one seems to oppose.The point is if people think kissing publicly is a problem ,then it should be the same for all people.I fail to understand why the discrimination.

Recently I came across a Bengali cross over film called “Gandu”.

The Bengali Cross Over Film called Gandu

This film depicts the true society.But alas!this film that has won awards all over the globe wont be releasing in India.We have a problem with its name.We have a problem with the “true face” of the society.

These days “GANDU” is a word that is used here more often than the word “democracy”

If our police were as vigilant to crimes as our censor boards are then probably India would have been a better place.Another classic example of moral policing is  “Fahrenheit 9/11”.This film that depicts how the politicians in US used the tragic 9/11 event to push forward their own agendas. This film which was released in US, was not released in India!

The way we have been brought up makes us overlook the Hypocrisy we are staying in.A recent example would be “Sheila Ki Jawani “.The song with its catchy name and sexy dance sequences has enthralled us all.But when it comes to “Mumbai Dance bars”/”Night Clubs” the society is quick to brand it as “immoral”.We have no problem with watching “Sheila ki Jawani“ on screen ,but when some  girl dances to its tune in a Mumbai dance bar,we get offended.

It is about time we start erasing preconceived ideas about what is “Good” and what is “Bad”.The society is no one to decide whether “Live Together” is good or Bad.It is you and solely you ,that should decide on your morality.

It is time we start giving a damn to the society and change the face of India.


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