IPL vs Saurav Ganguly

With the IPL going on and “No Dada – No IPL” slogans at its peak,I couldn’t help myself but write about this.

We,Bengalis are always looking for an “ICON” .After Rabindranath Tagore’s demise no one could become a mass icon as “Saurav Ganguly” did.Saurav Ganguly was Bengal’s pride.With Ganguly being belittled,entire Bengal was angry.But the fact was that Bengal was not merely angry because a “good cricketer” was gone,but because Ganguly was the sole and only icon of this “Star-starved” state.

This feeling was justified 3 years ago,but now I really don think there is any need for such things.This only goes to prove how pathetic we Bengalis are.

Let me give you an example,Eden Gardens did not get the world cup match between India and England.A lot had been said how the “Bengal” was again ignored.But I think we did not deserve a match at eden ,here’s why.

  • Eden is probably the only place which has insulted the Indian cricket team.I still don’t find why the Indian cricket team needs to be insulted just because Saurav Ganguly did not get selected.People are so narrow minded that they do not even think twice about insulting their own country for regional differences.
  • Few days ago,I saw this facebook group ” No dada…..No eden ” http://www.facebook.com/NoDada.NoEden .Maybe this attitude is the reason why Eden was ignored.May be BCCI thought that some narrow minded people would visit the stadium with “No DADA…No WORLD CUP” flags and pray for India’s defeat.

Unfortunately,the majority people in Bengal are actually not “India”-haters.It is these handful of lowly people with their facebook groups..media attention has succeeded in giving a wrong impression about “Kolkata”.

These so called “Dada” supporters had lost their steam when India won the world cup.But their back again,now their opponent being “IPL” . They burn SRK’s effigy and call him a “villain”.

Firstly ,IMHO

SRK was kind enough to buy the Kolkata Team.

We should be thankful to him for that.There was no one from Bengal to even buy our team!!Not even “Mr.Subrata Roy,Chairman Sahara” who is a bengali too!

Look at the “Deccan Chargers”.They have the local press sponsoring them.But here in Bengal we have the local press supporting such narrow minded campaigns.I want to say to the local press “Anandabazar patrika”,If you guys know so much about the team why don’t you “sponsor” KKR if not buy it!

Kolkata being a cosmopolitan metro is still looked down because of these narrow minded campaigns,that makes us look like a fool.I have interviewed 3 people from my age group . (18-22)

This what they had to say .I asked 2 questions

  • What do you think about this campaign “No Dada ..no IPl”
  • How do you think this is affecting Kolkata’s impression to other outsiders.

Somdeb Mittra,Engineering Student, Age :22

I think it is a very disgusting campaign.Its normal to like a player and have emotions but there is no point in making it public through fb pages ,effigy burning and hence ruining Kolkata’s image.If each state tries to disrupt IPL since their favorite player did not get selected,then IPL altogether has to be stopped.

I think these people are indeed ruining Kolkata’s image.For an outsider this campaign would give an impression that Kolkata is a city of beauty without brains.

Arka Bhattacharyya,Engineering Student,Age 20

Basically this campaign is the work of people with a low mentality who have nothing good to do in life.It is because of this people that Kolkata is still considered as a “backward city” among Mumbai,Bangalore ,etc.These people have no moral ethics and do not think twice before going against their own country.

Kolkata in spite of being a cosmoplitan metro still does not have the modern image that new metros like Pune or Bangalore possess.A part of this can be attributed to these people who have tried their best to keep the “backward” image of Kolkata alive.

Sukrit Mukherjee,Engineering Student,Age 21

No Individual is higher than the team or the tournament.Its true that injustice had been done,but there is no point in bringing it here.IPL is not a committee to check injustice it is tournament where cricketers show their skills.All the teams did not select Saurav in the first round.There must be some reason why they thought Saurav was not fit for their team.Bengalis need to accept the fact that IPL was not made only for Saurav nor Saurav was made only for IPL.

Kolkata’s impression as a sports loving city is being marred by such stupid campaigns.It may seem that Kolkata isnt at all passionate about cricket ,and they only visited the stadium to watch Saurav,which is totally wrong. still don’t understand the hue and cry over KKR not choosing Saurav.Punjab has not chosen Yuvraj.Its about time these peole act like grown –ups.

My post is a testament of the fact that all Bengalis do not think the way they are generally portrayed as.We are actually a part of the  modern culture  and we are a truly sports loving state Smile


8 responses to “IPL vs Saurav Ganguly

  1. These campaigns really portray provincialism of KOLKATANS..West bangal has failed to produce good cricketers.Sourav Ganguli has undoubtedly been the greatest(perhaps the only)cricket icon of Bengal.Bt sovereignty of singularity is highly damaging for a team game like cricket.We should concentrate on encouraging young talents of Bengal rather than engaging in headless DADAGIRI for Saurav Ganguli.It’s really painful to see the game of cricket at the gallows of idol-worship….

  2. Its a gentleman’s game and we aint no gentlemen buddy 🙂 …. leavin aside the joke, realy well written . Sumthing we ol hav in our minds and this article just xpressed it. 2 good

  3. Abhik, at first I must say it’s a very good thought. Yes, it is the ugly truth about Bengalis. People should think mentally instead of getting emotional..specially in crucial matters like this.

  4. lucid,expressive n well writtn….n i agree tis whole dada eden episode is a reflection of the typical narrow minded stubborn attitude of some kolkatans,,,,ashamd 2 say bt here most peopl ‘s horrizon is limited… n we behave like dumb driven cattles by supportin dos facebook pages

  5. no dada no kkr…..there is no bengali player…even manoj is also frm UP…..this is the insult for all bengali…..it is only *knight riders*,not *kolkata knight riders*……

    • dude,I am a sourav fan myself.You misunderstood me ..I have a problem with “No dada No Eden /NO dada no IPL/NO dada no World cup/No dada no KKR” supporters.Its about time we bengalis learn to accept that there is a dearth of good players from Bengal.Lakshmi Ratan Shukla is also a non -performer.

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