Saas vs Software + Service

Before I start I hope you are well acquainted to the term Software as a Service.If not please check the previous post( on my blog.

Microsoft has named its architecture as a S+S (Software as a Services).The question is whether is it just a marketing gimmick or does it signify anything different?

Yes,though the basic principles remain same,there is a marked  difference.

Saas means the entire software is delivered as a service.The client machine does not need to do anything.The entire computing power remains with the browser.

S+S on the other hand believes clients aren’t useless 😉 .It is based on the theory that software resides on the client system and is heavily supplemented by internet and cloud applications.It does not however mean today’s antivirus,that gets its updates from the internet.

S+S architecture:For accessing cloud services you need to have a browser and an OS which is also a software.So Microsoft believes S+S and not SaaS is the future…