BING!…..Microsoft brings out a new decision engine….Bing vs Google!!!

Bing ! as we know it is the new search engine. Microsoft claims its much more than a search engine and it is a decision engine…

It was first designed as KUMO .KUMO was alpha tested by Microsoft guys and it was never opened to the public.I had seen KUMO in action at the Microsoft IDC.

Contrary to popular beliefs That windows life has been redesigned and renamed to BING!!…. actually KUMO has been renamed to BING

Bing is in beta stage I am going to talk about the features currently present and the features which are going to come…

First let me talk about the current features…

The UI is clean ,fast and beautiful to look at…

The core search is good almost similar to Windows Live with a no. of improvements.

Each celebrity is ranked by Bing xRank depending on its search popularity.On the day of writing this post Michael Jackson stands at no. 1 and SRK at 109.So xrank is a method developed by Bing to rank “notable” persons.So whenever you search for someone “famous” … Xrank will be displayed and you can also compare the xrank of celebrities.Clicking on the Xrank will show a summary of information on the celebrity ranging from “Search Volume” to biographies.This feature was also present in windows live but Bing has perfected this feature by structuring results and filtering it according to your needs.

Related searches are shown in the left pane.Type a name of place ,and related search appear relating to travel ,hotels etc.


Mouse hover preview is available….too..In some pages it shows the preview and in some pages it shows additional info that can be found on the site.

Image search is great with fully functional filters.filters

Try searching image of any celebrity and it will show you the various filters,through which you can filter the images and find what exactly you are looking for.


VIDEO search has mouse over preview with related videos and filters based on “LENGTH” …”SCREENSIZE” …”SOURCE” etc..


These were there from Windows Live Search…and is very helpful so I do not need to compare the image and video search with any other search engine…..







Now we come to the best part …

Bing vs Google a review




THE PICTURES ARE SELF EXPLANATORY…. you have filters,pictures host of related searches Bing to help you find and DECIDE exactly what you want.


Comparison based on name and place

…again do I need to say more…. If you depend on the Internet for your travel needs…then Bing automatically is the best choice….The filters are made keeping in mind the information the user may be looking for.

Related searches again help you along with recent searches if you want to go back to your previous search…


Last but not the least…searched “open source” ….here also Bing takes the cake….

Don’t get bogged down by the huge number of results shown by Google….you cannot access beyond the 100th page..

So what do we conclude…Is Bing better??

Well frankly..the time hasn’t yet come to pass a judgement…Google still has the major share and a large database.On the other side Bing is in BETA ,a lot more is to come in terms of Travel Search,’planning your journey…local search.

The travel Search and “Structured Results” are going to be the XFACTOR of Bing….Whenever you need to decide ..Bing is there to help you providing with local to international information.It categorises the results based on content so that you can access that “specific” information you are looking for within a short time.A lot more is to come and Microsoft is surely moving on the path to create a “better way to search” if not the best way to search!!….. till then keep saying BING! O!!! 


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  1. Hi mate,A very nice post!! Clean, Clear and very informative… Keep up the gr8 work and let me know whenever you update!!! [:-)]

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