Microsoft Boot Camp at Microsoft India Development centre at Hyderabad

Microsoft invited all its MSPs to its India Development Centre, Hyderabad .We were waiting for the boot camp for 4 months after becoming a MSP.

A total of 165 MSPs from whole of India assembled to make this the largest boot camp in the world

5th March 2009

At last the anticipated day came and we boarded the FALAKNAMA express on 5th  March, 2009.I was very excited because its my first trip without my parents. We were 6 MSPs from Kolkata, and we boarded the train together. We had to spend around 26 hours in the train, so we spent that by gossiping, playing cards and eating J .Everybody had something from their home so we were always munching chips or eating aloo ke paratha s .We reached Hyderabad around 10:am,the train was right on time.

6th March 2009

After reaching Hyderabad we freshened up in a local near Hyderabad station. Had HYDERABADI BIRIYANI at the famous PARADISE .The Biriyani tasted great a lot different from the one’s in Kolkata. I was particularly surprised by the HOTEL’s system of taking Orders.

The MANAGER has a WI-FI enabled PDA, he types in the order in the PDA and the order gets printed from a computer in the Kitchen (which was visible from outside), so there is less of chaos and noise .That is called Tech-Savvy city, no wonder Hyderabad is also called as Cyberabad. We reached Ella Suites (The 4 star Hotel in Hi-Tech city in which Microsoft arranged our stay) in an auto at around 2:30.We checked in the hotel. My room was a deluxe suite on the third floor. I was simply awed by the hotel and the room. The room had Microwave, Fridge and a Bath Tub too J .

Finally we reached the Microsoft Office on 5pm. (It was very close to Ella Suites)

We had some introductory notes by the Campus Recruitment team. Then a Internship Test was held for the pre final year MSPs.

Those not in pre final year (like me) were told to assemble in an amphitheatre where the MSPs were divide into 4 groups. We were told that each group must do a creative Skit which must be related to technology. We performed a creative Skit on CLOUDSPACE (a wacky futuristic technology….)

After that we had dinner… (The food was excellent….)

We returned to the Hotel…Even though we had a hectic journey we were not tired…we stayed up till late in the night…busy gossiping and making new friends.

7th March 2009

We reported at the MS office at 7:00 am. Had breakfast and coffee and got ready for a long day of technical sessions.

The sessions started with the Keynote by Pratima Amonkar.

The first session was on "SQL Server 2008" by the Business Intelligence Team. They explained about its advantages and its new features and showed us some codes (Personally ..I have no idea about RDBMS so.. cudnt understand anything apart from the large SQL Burger they showed during the presentation.)

This session was followed by Windows Mobile App Dev. by Abhinav Gujjar (MGSI).This was a very informative session and he showed us how we can code and make programs for the Windows mobile platform very easily using the Win Mobile SDK. He made a Twitter application in minutes. After the session we had a photo shoot of the 165 MSPs in the amphitheatre. This was followed by a lunch (do I need to say again that the food was great!!! J ) This was followed by lunch which included the networking session where we got to interact with employees from various sections of Microsoft. They gave an insight into the life@ Microsoft.

The Lunch was followed by Application Security by Varun Sharma (ACE team).He showed us security bugs including cross scripting and everything else…The session was very informative one. The next session was on "Cloud computing" by Archis Gore (Windows Live Core Team).he showed us the windows azure development and how we can write about Cloud applications. He also showed us live mesh and its features.

The heavy tech sessions followed by some lighter sessions on Windows 7 by Siddarth Prakash , IE 8 by Mohammed Reza and a WPF presentation by Mark D Souza. 

After that we received our goodies. We got Tshirts,Visiting cards,pens..etc. There were special goodies for those who deployed Live @ Edu.

We know that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy and MS does not want us to be dull.So they arranged a DJ night at the Disco jasmine and a poolside dinner at our Hotel. The night rocked and we danced as if there was no tomorrow. We enjoyed and stayed up till 2: am.

8th March 2009

We checked out of the Hotel and went to the MS office.MSP s presented us with cool demos on MSRS and POPFLY.At 3 pm it was parting time..we bade goodbye to and finally we left the boot camp.

Thus the boot camp ends…I learnt a new way of representing our experience in the boot camp….. ITS AWE…AWE…AWE…AWESOME…….

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Windows 7 Beta

Installed windows 7…liked it ..and looks pretty cool with quite impressive performance….

Very stable OS…well wit

h my configuration..i really expect it to be stable…

Well I did not use VISTA so cannot compare the two 😦

But what I feel it’s a lot faster than Windows Xp.

Windows Seven has the same architecture of windows Vista, though they have changed the kernel a bit.

Windows 7 has virtualization capabilities so it is equipped to run Virtual PC with ease.

Then it has sensor capabilities and applications can use sensor information to offer customized and enhanced services.

User accounts control systems have been overhauled

It has a streamlined Setup routine and a thoroughly overhauled user interface.

Those who have not used VISTA (people like me) will be simply awed by the look and style. The AERO interface is still there and is more customizable.

The desktop sidebar is gone..But the gadgets of VISTA still remain…

Though they can only be seen in the desktop.

A new feature is called Library. It is not a folder or file but is a way to group related files and folders. If you have documents and text files in several locations like different folders on the hard drive, removable flash drive, network folder, etc. You can use a library to see all the files in those locations collectively in one Library. The files will remain in their respective location; the library contains an index to the file or folder.

The User Account Control (UAC) defaults to a moderate level so it does not constantly pop up asking about everything….I know that means decreased security but its up to you whether you want your screen space to be filled up by warning messages.

I did like the enhanced UI of Paint, WordPad and the calculator though. These programs have changed little since the Windows 3.1 days – now they are more in line with Office 2007 appearance, sharing the ‘ribbon’ design toolbar.

Leaving you with some of the pictures…..

The genuine tag… 🙂

The aero Interface 🙂

the enhanced calculator…

finally the newly painted 

MS-paint… 😛

okk goodbye…..and remember to imagine "a world without walls"

Gearing up for visit to Microsoft India Development Centre,Hyderabad

After months of waiting, finally Microsoft announced on the MSP boot camp would be held from 6th to 8th March at MS Hyderabad campus.

Was very excited all these days…but couldn’t post anything because of our silly class tests. Finally the tests ended and again I am free….

I am going in a group of 6 MSPs from Kolkata .We are boarding the FALAKNAMA EXPRESS at around 7:30 in the morning…still not finished packing my bags….Mom is worried coz I have never gone alone on such a long trip. On my part ….I know Hyderabad better than the other members of the groups..Have been to that place in class 9….

MS has arranged for a nice place to stay at Ella Suites ( 4 star hotel….Really looking forward to the tour..

If things go well then I should return on 10th of March…..

till then take care..bbye..