My first session….

Today,I presented my first seminar at NSHM Business School.My topic was MICROSOFT ACADEMIC INITITAIVES.I went to avishek’s (MSP from BESU) house at 9 in the morning,then we worked on the presentation.I focussed on Microsoft Student Program,Student 2 Business and various programs under MSDN(Microsoft Developer Network) while he focussed on live@Edu and DreamSpark.

We practiced

a little,but gave it up since it was difficult to plan since we did not have any idea of how the conditions would be….

At last the time came….and 42 students were sitting waiting for us to start.My legs generally shake when I get up for public speaking,but this time thankfully it did not happen,the seminar went off well,though I admit that we were too fast in our speech.Well,Its the first time and we are bound to make mistakes….It seemed the audience liked it

Some of the snaps of the session…..